Fringed Up

Hi loves!!! Since my post on yesterday receive so much positive feedback I decided that when I don't have time to actually take pictures of my outfits I would make a polyvore so I will still have a post up for you guys. I was extremely busy today so once again I didn't have a chance to take pictures for the blog. But starting tomorrow I will have more than enough time to take pictures and get them up for you guys. So todays post focuses around this fringe skirt I have been eyeing on Misguided's website. Fringe is hot once again and I can't wait to get my hands on anything fringe. I decided to pair it with this sexy sheer top Now I know this top may not be some people cup of tea but I personally love this top and a lot of sheer things if you guys haven't notice from my blog. I've been obsessing over cat eye shades at the moment and I actually have a pair coming in the mail so look out for those. I paired it with these gorgeous heels from Zara and a Chanel bag you never can go wrong with that. Last but not least pop on a red lip and take this look into overdrive lol. I love this look so much and I hope you guys do too. Look out for more of my outfit posts coming tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and until next time. 



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