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Hi Everyone!!!! I haven't been posting on my blog lately and honestly I feel really bad for not posting. I recently broke my charger for my Macbook and we all know how expensive those can be so I was without a charger for about a week or so. I don't know I have just been really lazy with getting fashion post and reviews up on my blog. I have been in summer school since June and I have about 4 more weeks until classes are over and about 5 weeks until the fall semester starts but hey the fall semester is my last semester so i'm not complaining Class of 2014 STAND UP lol (so corny). Anyway A couple of days ago I started my second class so now I have double the work load. But I am almost done. I'm still trying my best to upload everyday on my channel and I promise you guys starting next week I will be back with my weekly fashion post. I also want to start reviewing products on here so look out for those. If you guys would like to see reviews on any products let me know. I'll still be doing the reviews on my channel, i'll just be doing like mascara reviews and swatch videos and things like that on here.  I hope you guys understand where I have been and know I didn't abandon you guys lol. I love you all and will be back soon. In the meantime check out my most recent videos.

Hugs and Kisses

Dramatic Cat Eye!

Navy & White Double Liner w/ Red & Midnight Blue Lips 

Check out the link here for some reason I couldn't add the actual video. 

Foundation 101 Everything You Need To Know About Foundations

June Favorites 2014

My Favorite Setting Powders

Summer Go To Look (Sweat Proof Makeup) Collab W/ Cher Dionne

90s Lookbook Collab W/ Teosha Howard 

This one was actually upload when my charger was broke Teosha Did all of the editing :)

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