Makeup Don'ts (Look Your Worst Tag)


Hi Loves, I decided to do a video on makeup don'ts AKA look your worst tag.

 I really enjoyed making this video so I hope I don't offend anyone. Just a few don'ts I touched on in the video,

1. The Wrong Color Foundation
2. Long/ Uni Brows
3. Concealed Brows
4. Too Much Blush
5. Too Much Bronzer/ Not Blended
6. Too Bright of a Under Eye Highlight
7. Over The Top Eyeshadow
8. Not Using a Lip Liner With Lipstick
9. Long Wing Liner
10. Mascara Spots

I will be making a video in the future on how to fix these things. Again I'm not trying to offend anyone these are things that I have done myself. I am not a pro these are just things that I have done wrong or have seen. I hope you guys enjoy this video and until next time

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