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Hey ladies this week's girl talk is about bullying. I choose this topic because people are getting bullied everyday. Some are strong enough to over look it but then there are others who are not as strong and then it results in trying to change themselves or worst suicide. So today I am going to join the movement and stop bullying so lets get started.

For me this topic is very personal. I am 21 years old (22 in a couple of days) and I still experience bullying. There are different forms of bullying. Over the years I have experienced are few. Especially now dealing with cyberbullying having anonymous people talk negative about and try to say anything to bring you down and Its hard. When I first started blogging and doing youtube my dad told me "if you are going to do this you can't let it get to you", So I didn't. People always ask how to you deal with negative people while being in the social world. I always tell them I don't let people who I know opinion get to me so i'm not going to let someone who I don't know opinion affect me. Most of the time when people are bullying people they are feeling insecure and they are trying to make you feel just as insecure. So don't let it get to you just ignore it.

Growing up I was always short but I was always bigger in weight than majority of my classmates. I also have a medical issue with one of my eyes that some noticed and some didn't. We all know kids can be cruel, I would get picked at and called names, all types of things. I wouldn't let it get to me, I was always mean so when they would come at me I would fight back. Eventually it got old and it became a lot easier.

So I said all of this to say, everyone deals with bullying you don't have to deal with it alone. Some people are dealing with different forms of bullying but its all the same BULLYING IS BULLING! So if you are reading this and you are getting bullied, remember the person who is bullying you is going through something in their life and they are trying to make you feel 10x worst. The same person that is bullying you now could need you later in life. You will be able to say thats the same person that bullied me now look at them. For those of you that are strong enough to deal with bullying then good for you and just keep ignoring them. For those that are not as strong and want to change yourself thinking thats the answer. Its NOT! Live for yourself there is always going to be someone that does not like you. Those that think suicide is the answer. Its NOT! Think about all those people who will have to deal with aftermath of you taking your own life. Someone out there cares. There are people here to listen to you, help you and love you.

Always remember God will make your enemy your footstool. So lets take a stand against bullying. I really hope this touch someone and helps them deal with bullying. Any girl talk post you would like to see leave them below until next time.

Stay Blessed
Stay Cool
Matthew 6: 33-34


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