Girl Talk: 5 Things Every Girl Should Know That You Won't Learn From School


Hello Beauties,

  Throughout my life I have realized that you will learn things in school that will stick with you for a lifetime but life its self has thought me so much more. You really learn things in life by going through an experience and just living life. This post has been inspired by a Michelle Phan lifestyle post on her site. I get a lot of my inspiration from her. I decided to come up with five life lessons of my own that I feel every female should know. Are you ready?!

1. Look on the Bright Side: Finding the positive in a situation can change that whole outcome of it. I have learned that being a positive person just makes you so much happier. I like to think that everything that happens has happen for a reason. Theres always a lesson in every situation. Whether good or bad I always find myself saying " but on the bright side".

2. You are Stronger Than You Will Ever Know: You may think your situation is bad but someone somewhere has it worse. Never give up because it will get better you have made it this far. When I am going through anything in life I like to look to GOD and he always works it out. I know everyone doesn't have the same religiously beliefs so I suggest looking to whatever you believe in. It will get better in that end and if its not better then its not the end.

3. Step Out of the Box: Take risk, be adventurous. Never be afraid to go for something you want. The same thing that scares you could be the best thing of your life. I was really afraid to start this blog and my youtube channel at first. I overlooked it and took a risk and now its part of my life and one of the best things i've started. Its something I look forward to everyday. So go for what you want, you never want to sit back and think "what if". JUST DO IT :).

4. Find Your Inner Beauty to Accept your Outer Beauty: Some of the prettiest people can be the ugliest. If you are beautiful on the inside then it will reflect on the outside. Some of the most beautiful people have beautiful souls. Sometimes when people are not confidant with themselves they tend to just be mean and pick on or bully others. By being  in good spirits, being nicer and just smiling people will see your beauty.

5. Know Your Worth: Standing up for yourself is something everyone should do. Whether its in a relationship, in the workplace or where ever. If you know what makes you happy then go for it, don't be afraid. You define your happiness. any and everything you want in life you deserve and you can acquire it.  

I hope you find all of these lessons helpful and inspiring. I also hope you all enjoyed this weeks girl talk. Feel free to leave comments below. If you have any topics for girl talk let me know. :) Thats all for now until next time.

Stay Blessed. Stay Cool. Peace


  1. Oh, I loved this post!! I live with a chronic illness so staying positive is so very important to me. I am very thankful for positive people, so I am now following your blog. Thanks for sharing!! <3

    1. Thank you so much I am glad you enjoyed it. I'm also sorry to hear about your disease i hope all is well soon