Miley Cyrus Inspired Outfits

Hey my little love bugs. Lately I've be so obsessed with Miley Cyrus, her I don't care attitude and her sense of style. Because I love her style so much I decided to put together two outfits inspired by her.
Click Here to Watch the video:
Look One Floral:

I actually made this shirt out of a pair of leggings a while back and when I saw Miley's outfit I was so inspired to put this outfit together. I just paired it with a pair of custom high waisted shorts and combat boots from Charlotte Russe. As far as jewelry a cross necklace from Rue 21 and a Heart Necklace from forever21. Both rings are from Forever21 and Bracelets/watch from Target.
Look Two Red Flannel:

If you guys have been following me a while you have probably seen this outfit in some type of form. I love this style. My Flannel is from the goodwill. The crop top is from wet seal. The same shorts and shoes from the first look. 


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