Best Of Both Worlds Tag Featuring Teosha

Hi guys, I decided to do a tag video for today and feature my Sister. Check it out below. Thumbs up for more videos with her.


When is your birthday? What's the age difference?
Who are your siblings?
Are you single or in a relationship?
What's your favorite music?
What do you see your future career being?
What is your ethnicity/nationality?
What is your favorite color?
Do you fight a lot?
Describe each other using three words?
Who takes the most amount of time to get ready?
Favorite movies?
What do you like to do together?
What is one thing that you have learned from each other?
What videos/youtubers do you enjoy watching?
Do you miss each other when you don't see each other for a while?
Favorite snacks?
Do you live together? If not, how far away from each other do you live?
Do you share clothes and/or makeup?
Do you like to go shopping together?
Favorite TV shows?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Do you have any nicknames that you call each other by?
How would you describe each other's style?


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