Reckless Till I'm Breathless

Hi guys,
I tried something new today, I wanted to try knee high sock with leggings and shorts. I've done the leggings and shorts style before but never with knee high socks.  I just paired the socks, leggings, and shorts with a graphic tank and a blazer. 
Heres the outfit.

I feel as if you can take any season's clothing's and wear it year round if you pair it right. I personally like the whole leggings and shorts style and pairing it with a blazer and tank is right up my ally. :) I would only wear this outfit on days like day, when its not cold or hot its in between. I live near the mountains so I am very happy when I can wear an outfit like this and be comfortable.
Blazer: Thrifted
Tank: PacSun
Shorts: Custom
Tights: PacSun
Socks: Target
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Be sure to let me know what you guys  think of this outfit. Also Check out my youtube channel OohKayH which is also linked in the bar above. Please like and subscribe :). And thanks for stopping by.

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